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The number of camera models supported by Eocortex has reached 5630

Thanks to the continuous efforts of the development team, the quantity of camera models supported by Eocortex has reached 5630. It means that Eocortex can work with virtually any camera of any manufacturer, from Abron to Zavio.

The number of other supported devices has increased, too. For example, Eocortex works with 100 video server models of 17 world brands, 102 video recorders of 23 manufacturers, and 30 other IP devices of 13 brands. The software supports ONVIF, PSIA, RTSP and HTTP and has an open architecture, allowing to expand the list of devices in accordance with the requests of the individual installers.

The full list of the supported IP cameras and devices is shown at Supported cameras page.

The important advantage of Eocortex is the availability of the technical support and the development team. The software is developed and configured to meet the demands of a particular customer. Only the required modules are included into the scope of supply, reducing the price of the software package. And when a customer requires assistance after the sale, the provider makes modifications and trains the customer’s personnel.


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