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Macroscop works well with facilities of any size. Licenses are purchased depending on the number of video cameras. There is no limit to how large your system can be.

Macroscop works with any IP camera (more than  4 000, with support for ONVIF and PSIA protocols).

It's flexibility and modularity allow you to chose only those functions you need.

  Works with Any System

Ease of Design

To get the program up and running, all you have to do is chose the version of the program and intelligent functions you need, acquire the licenses for the required number of channels, and receive your security key.

Tell us what you need for your project, and we will find you the best solution and tell you how much it will cost.

What Server Do I Need?

Quick start-up

Start-up, settings, and service of Macroscop do not require any special admin or programming skills. Any installer with a minimal amount of experience in video surveillance can handle these issues. Please download and install the free demo version to verify this contention.

Starts up in 15 Minutes

The Macroscop Suite

When buying Macroscop, you may select either a numerical security key or a USB dongle.

When you make your security key decision, send a file in with the specifications of the server on which the software is to be installed to the manager. This file is created with the aid of the Macroscop distributor. At this point you will receive a license file for activation via email.

It should be kept in mind that each license is for a specific workstation and should you desire to expand the system, payment will be required for each new software license.

The main advantage of the USB dongle is that it may be taken from one server to another and that no payment is required to generate a new version of the key.   



Tell us about your project and we will send you information about solutions and a quote within one business day

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Tell us about your project and we will send you information about solutions and a quote within one business day.