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116 IP Cameras at Kanal D TV in Turkey

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The video system at Kanal D TV in Turkey consists of 116 IP Cameras, Macroscop software and Macroscop unique Intelligent module - Suspect search.

Kanal D (means Channel D) is a nationwide television channel in Turkey and part of Doğan Media Group which is owned by the Turkish media tycoon Aydın Doğan. Kanal D also runs an international channel, Euro D which is available online. Kanal D has the first high definition channel in Turkey, Kanal D HD. Kanal D is broadcast via satellite to 27 countries.

Suspect search is a unique Macroscop development, which significantly speeds up and simplifies object searches in the archive. Upload a photo of the object into the software (person, car, any moving object) or indicate its color, dimensions, position in the frame, and the system will output all objects contained in archival recordings from every camera that are similar to it. In the interception mode, the system will sound an alarm should a similar object appear in the field of view of a camera.


  • Assign exact object dimensions or do so interactively in the frame;
  • Interactively assign a location in the frame as a search criteria;
  • Assign object searches using photographs or by shape from the archive;
  • View video fragments that show the desired object when they appeared in the frame;
  • Searches for objects by color. Perform searches for several colors at the same time;
  • Save video fragments in AVI format.

PCC Electronic Company - Macroscop exclusive distributor in Turkey – successfully performed the system installation and maintenance. The surveillance system has been functioning since March 2016.

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