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5000 IP Cameras at ER-Telecom branches in 56 Russian cities

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The video surveillance system at ER-Telecom branches in 56 Russian cities consists of 5000 IP cameras and Macroscop software. 

ER-Telecom is the leading telecom services provider in the Russian regions. «ER-Telecom» is one of the TOP-2 biggest Russian internet providers and one of the TOP-3 largest cable TV operators. It was the first federal telecommunication company, whose evaluation impulse has been received out of the region. The company is specialised on rendering a wide range of services for individuals and corporations. The company is active mainly in the South and Central regions of the European Russia. 

Macroscop was chosen to become the surveillance system framework as a result of thorough software testing made by Er-Telecom's surveillance experts. The system has a multi-server architecture, and, thanks to the exclusive Macroscop technology, multiple servers in the system are capable of processing video streams from more than 300 cameras. The continuous positive experience of using the Macroscop software in many ways influenced the Er-Telecom's choice of Macroscop Cloud service. 

ER-Telecom's technical director comments on Macroscop: 

"We are using Macroscop software since 2011, and basing on our experience, we can assure the high level of Macroscop developers' professionalism. The constructed video system is resilient, and video streams' processing is very efficient, which ensures reliable recording and storage of the video along with the monitoring, replication, and backup functions."

ER-Telecom recommends Macroscop software for constructing multi-server and multi-camera video surveillance systems, as well as for employing the Macroscop Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS).


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