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87 IP Cameras at John Smeaton College in Leeds, UK

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John Smeaton College surveillance system consists of 87 IP cameras and Macroscop software. IP cameras are constantly monitoring college classrooms and corridors, street facilities, courtyard, and parking area. The video system is designed to solve the security problems and ensure the safety of students and college employees.

Prime Digital installed their first IP CCTV system in John Smeaton College in 2008 and, because of system expansion, the initial software required upgrading. The upgrade was required to improve performance and unlock the additional resources available to a 64 Bit application. We are thankful for our great partners - Prime Digital - who recommended Macroscop as a new and innovative provider of IP video surveillance software to meet this requirement.  

During an expansion of the college CCTV system in 2013, the top management decided to accept Prime Digital’s Macroscop recommendation and they installed the software on existing hardware (alongside their existing IP video surveillance software) so our partners had the opportunity to compare the two systems. After 3 months of testing, John Smeaton College decided to move permanently to the new software and abandon the old software to restore their original video storage capacity.  

The Macroscop IP video surveillance software has performed as our partners anticipated an advanced 64-bit architecture would perform and Macroscop have provided professional support and software enhancements (through Prime Digital) to meet the requirements. Macroscop team in turn thanks John Smeaton College for this valuable recommendation and we were glad to prove and exceed your expectations.

Отзыв о программе для IP-камер Macroscop    John Smeaton Colledge  

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