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Estonia and Lithuania queue up for Macroscop workshops

Interested in building effective video surveillance systems based on intelligent video surveillance software? Join Macroscop free workshop in Vilnius, Lithuania and in Tallin, Estonia!

The workshop is designed for a wide audience of practitioners in the fields of security systems, access control, video surveillance and monitoring. 


Vilnius, Lithuania

Date: 17 November 2016
Venue: WorkLand 
Address: Kaln Gedimino Avenue 20 LT-01103, Vilnius
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Tallin, Estonia

Date: 18 November 2016
Venue: Ilmarine Hotel
Address: Põhja pst. 21b 10414 Tallinn
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Workshop Agenda:

14.00: Registration of the participants.
14.20: Building effective video surveillance systems with Macroscop:

  • Macroscop products. Macroscop intelligent software features.
  • Macroscop advantages.

15.50: Coffee break.
16.10: Configuring and operating with Macroscop intelligent modules:

  • Suspect (inter-camera) tracking module - unique Macroscop development aimed at observing person's track across various IP cameras of the video surveillance system. 
  • Intelligent modules in action. Industry solutions.

17.30: Consultation with Macroscop representatives. Macroscop ST licenses' lottery.
18.00: Closing remarks.

These workshops will be held in cooperation with Pagoda Baltic.

Please, register now to make sure you get a place. 

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